A Bit About Me...

I am a girl from New Zealand. I need to use the word 'girl' as 'woman' or 'lady' sound odd when I think of me. I may be mid-40's but I feel that I am still discovering so much, that I am really a girl, designing and living the life that I want.


I write as I talk. I ramble. I don't know the answers, but I am working my way through this journey of life, and attempting to make it the most enjoyable and successful it can be - I can be.

I am married to a most wonderful man (Mr P) who has supported me through so many separate journeys during our time together, and really didn't sign up for any of them! We have two spoilt puddie cats, Arthur and Martha, and a new addition of a chirpy budgie called Namb (Nam-b).

My journey so far has taken me from Dunedin to the US, to Dunedin, to Auckland, to London, to Auckland, to London (when Mr P was met), to Zurich (when Mr P was re-met), to London, and since 2016, Dubai

I have Bipolar II and it has controlled my life, our lives, to a certain extent up until now, that I decided it was time to take some control back. Learn to live with it, rather than be controlled by it. I am not Bipolar. I have Bipolar. It has been a big step for me to learn this, and I'm still working it out.

People have said to me over the years that I should share my story, write a blog, could write a book. I always laughed. Until now.

I have decided to start sharing my journey, to share my ramblings, to learn and have fun with people who chose to share my journey with me - through this website or in person. I don't have any qualification in the mental health field, whatever I write is my own opinion or my own experience, unless I state otherwise.**

I am extremely proud to have some of my musings published on The Mighty Site and also shared on their Facebook page (@BipolarDisorderonTheMighty), and they have been viewed collectively more than 2,000 times. This is something that only two months ago I wouldn't have thought possible. 

I want to change the world. I want to inspire healthy living around the world. Health is more than physical - it is body, mind, and soul. I want to reduce stigma for any illness, primarily mental illness. I want people to be kind to each other. I want to start a community, and I believe this is the first of many exciting steps on my journey.

Life is about learning, and through my experiences I am continuing to learn every day. My hope is through shared learning we can make the world a kinder place to live. 

Be well, love Becs xxxx

**Nothing on livingmylifemyway should be taken as medical advice unless otherwise indicated and referenced. If you have concerns for yourself or someone you know, you should always consult with a medical professional.

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I'm on a self-exploration journey and the most important part of that is to be honest. My writing is not intended to offend or hurt anyone, so please bear that in mind when exploring this site. You can always contact me if you read something that you want to discuss.

I am not a trained medical professional and nothing on here should be taken as medical advice unless specifically indicated or referenced. If you have concerns for yourself or a loved one, you should always consult with a Doctor.