Some days, or moments, we have lots of energy and are feeling really good and positive about the world, and the next something happens and we're not. For some people it's easy to recognise what has happened and turn it around. For others, it is much harder to either identify OR turn around.

Here is a list of things that I have found helpful when I'm not feeling great. They don't work all the time, but I always like to try at least three before taking stock or time out and regrouping.

I'd love to hear if you have others that work. We can build up a library of references and help each other when times are tough.

In No Particular Order:

  • Daily Affirmations - 7 times for 21 days

  • Meditate - download Insight Timer app and chose something to help you relax

  • Put on music - LOUD!

  • Make yourself a hot or cold (non-alcoholic!) drink it mindfully

  • Go for a walk / do some exercise (housework is also helpful!)

  • Get into the sun, or nature

  • Do deep breathing exercises - hold each breath for 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 second on inhale and exhale

  • Look around you and say to yourself (in your head or out loud depending on where you are)

    • seven things that you can see

    • close your eyes and say seven things that you can hear

    • with your eyes closed say seven things that you can feel (heart beating, shoes on feet, hair touching neck etc).

    • you can work your way from seven through to one for some really calming time

  • If you have an animal, stroke it, cuddle it, chat to it, tell it why you are pleased it is in your life​

  • Look at photos that remind you of happy memories

  • Sit with a good book, or magazine

  • Write in (or review) your gratitude journal

  • Find a funny TV programme or movie

  • Call a friend or family member

Any others? Email me to have them added to the page

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