A Little Reflection....

December 29, 2017

I somehow imagined that since there are generally so many thoughts running (or crawling; or alternately running/crawling) through my head, that there would be much more to say, but I guess figuring out what I want to 'put out' to the 'world wide web' is not as simple as it seems, hence it being a few days since my first post.


Christmas has been and gone for another year, which just seems crazy, but I think living in the desert may play some part in this. Being from NZ, it's not the sun that surprises me, as Christmas in summer is something I grew up with (and loved!), but I think I've been gone from the Southern hemisphere for so many years, that I may have been converted to a Winter Christmas. Living in a country where businesses operate as usual and if you want to celebrate Christmas you need to book annual leave, is something that might take a few more years to get used to!


Anyway, I digress (which seems to happen fairly regularly). Now that Christmas has gone, it makes me wonder where on earth this past year has gone. This time last year was a tad fuzzy for me and I think that may have contributed to the first part of 2017 disappearing so quickly, but I am still astounded that time does seem to pass by a lot quicker the older I get. I don't feel 'old', and I understand that age is a number (and I'm fine with my number), and that '40 is the new 30' etc. but I really don't get how quickly the years fly by! And I am realising that this may be beyond my 'understanding capabilities' and I'll just have to accept that it is what it is.


I think that if I am to make the most of my 'blog', which I guess I'm thinking of a bit more like my online ramblings, I need to make a list of what I may want to ramble about (aka: figure out). So I shall put that on my list of things to do (which, btw, is also on my ttd!)


As I sit here with doors open (screen doors closed to avoid disappearing furballs), birds chirping (inside and out), the late afternoon sun moving through the backyard, I am having an emotional moment of 'life is good'. As you will come to learn, these moments of 'life is good' are not my standard disposition, so I learn to cherish them as they arrive, and sometimes, like now, there are a few tears of almost-joy lurking in my throat, in realising that I can feel good, and that I can recognise that I can feel good. My goal as I move through the coming days, weeks, months, years, is to recognise and live these feelings more regularly, so that they are not such an emotional surprise for me.


I wish you the best day possible, love Becs xxxx

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