Do You Believe in Coincidence?

December 30, 2017

Last night when I was going to bed I stood in front of my (multiple) bookcases and was drawn to a particular book that I hadn't yet started (I have a tendency to purchase books in bulk, especially when in the UK as books are sooooo reasonably priced over there!). The book that I was drawn to was The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom, a book about the creator of time who is banished for centuries for doing just that. I was pretty tired yet had trouble going to and then a restless sleep (dreams will be covered in a future post), and was enjoying the book for its ease of reading, short chapters, with enough information early on that I wanted to know what was going to happen to each of the characters.


Anyway, I wonder if I was drawn to this particular book subconsciously as I had written about time passing in my post yesterday. Coincidence? 


Time is all around us (as is 'Love' according to Wet Wet Wet, and 'Christmas' according to Love Actually). Life as we know it is driven by and structured by it, whether we like it or not, we only get a certain amount of it, and thankfully, we don't know how much of it we will get, and, it is true (as far as I know and until someone creates an alternative) that we will never get this moment back. I admit to feeling some pressure to make every moment count, to be the best it can be, to not 'waste' time; and then I feel disappointment that I often do not recognise and appreciate each moment as being very special. That said, I do believe that we have the capacity to learn through everything that we do and observe, so, if that is the case, and we are forever growing, are we actually ever wasting time, or are we doing what we need to be doing in that moment?


The title of this post is 'Do You Believe in Coincidence?', so what has that got to do with time? I logged onto Facebook this morning, and the second post that I saw was one about making the most of the coming year, in the form of a gift box, with an envelope for each month, with a suggestion of something to do that month. It was on a site aimed at children, but children can find wonder in new things all the time, and it's as adults we get stuck into the routine of doing the same thing, and recovering from or preparing for the next 'thing'. How about each moment being a 'thing'? Being special?


Between the book last night and the post this morning, time, and what we get out of every moment we have, seems to be a theme (or coincidence), and that is something that will be on my mind today, as I endeavour to make the most of the penultimate day of 2017.


May your day be the best it can be, love Becs xxxx

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