Self-awareness and Procrastination - and the days before Netflix and Instant Gratification

January 15, 2018

I don't remember what life was like when I had to wait seven days to watch the next episode of my current favourite series. I now, thanks to box-sets and Netflix can get instant gratification, season after season of series after series. I get instant gratification, but much less anticipation. I guess this is how life is in our modern, high tech world.


'Kids today' don't know what it was like to grow up without a tv. With a black and white tv. With only three tv channels. With having to get up off the sofa to change the channel. To not be able to record something we wanted to watch at a later date. To use a landline, with a handset attached to the base, and not be able to wander around easily whilst talking. To hear an engaged tone and have to keep calling back. No call waiting. No internet. No Skype. No Google. When was the last time you used a paper based dictionary?


What did we do before all this technology? It has given us a lot of things. The ease of communicating, of making the world a much smaller place, of helping us keep in touch with loved ones, of having every answer to every question we ever wanted at our fingertips.


But it has also taken away things as well. Less handwritten letters arriving in our mailbox. The joy/relief when the engaged tone starts ringing after 76 times of pushing redial. Coming home to a message on an answerphone. Missing out on an episode of something on tv and having to ask friends what happened. And waiting a week for the next episode.


I'm currently watching The Good Wife (as well as Suits and The Blacklist!). Something big happened at the end of a season, and on Netflix it said the next episode would start in 20 seconds, and it started counting down. Was I going to wait to see what happened next? Was I heck! I pushed a button on the remote and didn't even have to wait that 20 seconds!


Good right?!


Well, yes. And, no. I didn't have any time to process what had happened. I didn't have any time to reflect on what this meant for the characters who were living their lives in my living room. I jumped straight on from one episode, not only onto the next episode, but a whole new season.


It made me wonder. How often do I do this in life? How often do I not take the time I require to process what happens in my life? Yes, there could be the argument that too much reflection turns to indulgence, and no one really wants to be self-indulgent. But self-aware is another thing entirely, and I think that only through reflection can we become self-aware.


So, on that note, today I watched a number of episodes of The Good Wife, back to back. And that, is called, procrastination. A state that I normally turn to when I am not sure what reflecting will lead to, or, when I am sure that I probably won't like what reflecting will lead to.


That said, I do think I am becoming self-aware, just not as quickly as I could. I was tempted to use the word 'should' in there, but have reminded myself that this is my journey, and there has been and still is a lot going on inside my busy head, and I have decided that this pace is okay. For today. And this is why 'one day at a time' is such an important gives us time to reflect, and to process.


I wish you the best day you can have, love Becs xxxx

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