Wagons and Cycles

February 1, 2018


Right, that's it, I'm back on the wagon! Having not only fallen off but tumbled down some extremely slippery slopes, I can safely say, that I climbed my way back up and am on the wagon again. The living healthy wagon that is.


During 2017 I changed the way I was eating, gave my body all the nutrients it could possibly need, started exercising (and enjoying it - WTH?!), and managed to lose a total of 27.6kg. The more weight I lost the better I felt; the better I felt, the more motivated I was; the more motivated I was, the better I ate, the more active I was, the more weight I lost. And a very un-vicious cycle was born, and I felt better than I had in a VERY long time!


I was conquering the world - and the bits I hadn't conquered yet, were on my list and would be conquered! My mental illness seemed under control and was hugely helped by this new and improved lifestyle I was living. Bipolar: 0 Becs: 1


And then I started working full time. And stress kicked in. In a big way. My body, but most importantly my mind and what it was doing to my body, my relationships, my LIFE, really couldn't handle the stress. So (as per a previous post) work had to stop so I could salvage what was left of my body and mind, and recover.


Recover meant recognise the massive depression that was taking control of me, but I couldn't / didn't, until all the taking care of myself and the wonderful cycle that I had created had left the wagon - or, as above, I fell off!

I ate. I sat on my a*se. I ate some more. I sat on my a*se some more. I found a new cycle. This one, the more vicious one, unfortunately had started when the stress and depression really kicked in.


It has taken me three months to find my way back to the wagon, and as of yesterday, 31st January 2018, I can say I'm back on it. This time, I will not only look at the healthy eating and exercise, but make sure I am working on making my mind healthy too. I may be a month late arriving into 2018, but bring on the next 11 months, I've got so much to experience and achieve!


Wishing you the best start to February, love Becs xxxx

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