Two Different Ways of Changing Your Mood

February 8, 2018

I am the first to admit that I can be driven and controlled by my moods. Part of my journey and my goal is to eradicate this, or at least change it enough so it doesn't have the effect it has had on my life for so long.


I am finding different ways, and this week, I have found two, and if I've found two in a week, I'm sure there are many more!


Number One:

  1. Find a quiet space, somewhere you won't be distracted.

  2. Think of a really special time, something that made you feel so good, happy, full of self worth. We all have at least one of these experiences, but it might take a bit of time to find one that feels right (and it might change for a while as you do this exercise).

  3. Once you have it, really, really, REALLY remember it.

  4. Feel it. Remember the way you felt. Feel the way you felt.

  5. Keep practising.


  1. Practise when you're feeling relatively good - it is much easier to tap into the feeling when you're already part-way there, rather than when you're feeling down.

  2. The more you practise and can feel it, the easier the feeling will be to find when you need it.

Number Two:




Simple! Put on music that makes you feel good. Something that reminds you of a good time, or helps you feel free, or funny, or childish, something you can laugh with and be silly. A while ago I downloaded an album that I listened to as a child. The songs are simple as they are aimed at children. There isn't any of the drama that is found in music as we grow up and go through all the growing pains and experiences as we live life. That album was by Tom T Hall and my favourite song is Sneaky Snake.


I have two songs of note this week. Follow Me by Uncle Kracker. Which is weird in a way as I have spent so long following others, I am trying not to do that, but also, I want to be a leader, I want to inspire people, so I guess it also leads to bigger idea of wanting people to follow me! and it's subliminal messages! 


*If you look at the Wiki page and the potential meanings of the song it's a whole different story! I personally like the comment Uncle Kracker made, "....That song is like a dirty picture painted with a pretty brush." Everything in life has a different meaning to different people, and if you look for the bad, you're sure to find it. I am choosing to choose the good in life and particularly when it comes to this song.....the beat, the feeling, from the music, not necessarily the words.


I danced in the kitchen to this song the other day. I haven't danced in I don't know how long! I don't think I have ever danced in the kitchen to ...... Arthur (our big furry lump of a cat)! Bless him, some of the looks he gave me, I can only imagine what he was thinking, but in a way I think he sensed it was an important moment so he went with it and stayed to support me. Here was me, freeing myself, and dancing and singing (and sussing out some pretty funky moves at the same time!) in front of another living being. Ok, it was Arthur. A cat. But that is better than doing it on my own! Especially as he didn't take his eyes off me the whole time. And just as I said about practising finding the special time and feelings, perhaps if I practise doing this I will feel less self-conscious with other people.


Anyway, my other song is Toes, by Zac Brown Band. A totally random one that I came across on an album I downloaded. If you haven't heard it, I recommend finding it. There are a couple of lines in it that cracked me up, as well as the reminder that 'life is good today', and I've found myself having it on repeat in the car the last day or so.


May today be the best day you can have - it's yours, and you'll never get it back!


Love Becs xxxx

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