Dare to Dream

February 10, 2018

This weekend I'm working on my business. I am still looking for my motivation (and activity!) to be consistent, but I am making the most of when I am feeling motivated, even though it may not always be in the right area or following a tick list or project plan. The 'old' me, the corporate world project manager lived by project plans and tick lists. The authentic me likes organisation and lists, but I don't think she likes the restrictions of a solid project plan. That could be why I'm finding this difficult. I seem to flit from one thing to the other.


Time for constructive action!!


I am working on my vision. What is it that I want out of this business, and what kind of life do I want because of it? Society doesn't seem to like people who go out there and say 'I want to be a millionaire' so our dreams somehow become stifled. I know not everyone wants to be a millionaire - well, I think I know it, but it should still be okay for those of us to do, to say that we do, without being judged for it. After all, what is a millionaire? To me it's someone who doesn't need to be concerned with their bank balance. And what's wrong with that?


If you could do anything you wanted to in life, what would it be? Take a minute to think about it.


Once you have it in your head, one of the most natural questions that follows quite closely behind this one is, 'how would you fund it', 'how much money do you need to do it', so then, 'how are you going to achieve it'?


No matter what you want to do in life there is a price tag attached to achieving it, whether it is doing something for a good cause, or living a life of luxury.


I would like to do both. And just because I want to do the first, doesn't mean that I need to do it on the bones of my butt (when they surface again).


I want to inspire people to live a healthy life. A healthy life means not just eating well and exercising, not drinking to excess and getting enough sleep. For most people, that could be relatively simple to achieve.


For me, an incredibly important part of a healthy life is good mental health, and this is not so easy to achieve for a lot of people. I am choosing to be open about my mental ill-health experiences, I want to eliminate the stigma associated with it. I want to inspire communication and understanding. I would love to inspire changes in how people with mental illness are treated, that it is the same as those with physical illness, and that there are information sessions about how to support people with mental illness in the workplace and community. I want to make sure people who are unable to work due to mental illness are supported by governments and insurance policies and they don't have to jump through extra hoops to prove that there is something wrong with them.


I want to share my story. I want to live a life with stress levels that are minimised. I want to travel to see my family and friends. I want to live in a very nice house and drive a very nice car. I want to be free to purchase what I want to eat and not consider what my 'budget' is. I want to book tickets last minute for things and not worry about the cost. I want to travel to new destinations and I want to stay in nice places, and I'd like to get there in the front part of the plane. It turns out I may even want to write a book! And you know what? I want to have the time and a bank balance that doesn't prevent me from doing any of that.


And do you know what else? I am not embarrassed by this.


We are (mostly) told when we are children that we can be and do anything we want to, and we are told to dream. But at some point that changes, and most of us get caught up in the 9-5, five days a week, too tired on the weekend to be totally free in our time off. Or we don't earn enough to do what we want to do when we do have the time off. We get x number of days annual leave a year and in some places it is specified how much can be taken when. I want to be my own boss. And, in a way, I already am. I just need to generate some income! 😉


Vision board, here I come! Why a vision board? 


How can I invite success (and money) into my life if I don't know what that looks like. How will I know when I've got it? 'I want money'. I see 1 Dirham (or $, or £, or €, or [insert other currency]) on the ground when I go to do my supermarket shopping. The universe is saying, 'you want money, here you go, here is money'. It doesn't know what or how much I want unless I tell it. But it can't do it on it's own. I need a vision, and I need a plan, and I need to find the people who will help me work on my confidence and personal development, and I need to work on it every day, and remind myself and the universe every day, and only once all of this is in place, and so long as I am doing my bit, can the universe do its bit.

I went car shopping (online) last night. It's not so easy to find a dream car when you've never allowed yourself to dream! I did find some houses I'd like to live in, and now have photos of those, so.....


.....here's to more dreaming, love Becs xxxx

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