What Have I Done?

February 20, 2018

I want to laugh. It's weird, because that's not so usual for me, but I seem to be doing more of it recently. And it somehow seems to be connected to me moving outside of my comfort zone! More on this in a bit, I guess the important thing to know is.....what is it that I have done?


Well, I've just submitted a story to The Mighty

It might get accepted, it might not. And if it doesn't, that's okay. The bit that is interesting, is that I impulsively decided to submit it. I didn't talk it through with anyone. I didn't sit here and think about it for hours, deliberating the pros and cons. Something from The Mighty showed up on my feed, I read it, saw a link that said submit story, looked at my blog posts, decided which one to share (which took all of 30 seconds), registered on the site, copy and pasted my text, and clicked submit. Job done.


Why is this so interesting to me? I have been doing a few things lately that have been outside of the norm, that I have done spontaneously, that I have not over thought, that I have done even when I haven't really fancied it. Okay, I'm still not so great on the eating front, but, take this morning for example... 


Last night I said that I would go on the bike before taking Mr P to work today since he was starting a little later. I heard him get up, looked at the time, 6am, felt knackered, so went back to sleep. Woke at 7am, still felt knackered, contemplated not doing the bike, but talked myself into it. Granted, it was only 20 minutes, but I haven't done anything on the bike for a while, and I was dripping by the end of the 20 minutes. But, the most important thing - I did it! 


I have found myself fitting things in around other things. I went for lunch on Sunday, it was a crazy busy day, but I got everything done. Yesterday was theoretically a lazy day, but I still sorted and took all the recycling, vacuumed downstairs, worked solidly on my training / business, and achieved quite a bit. Although it still doesn't feel like I am making much progress on the business front, I am trying to remember that if you wanted to start a bakery you wouldn't open the doors to the public without installing ovens and perfecting the recipes. 


I am finding I am being more kind to myself. Cutting myself some of the slack that has been wrapped so tight for so long. I think, dare I say, that once again, I could be proud of myself. I think this is the second time I have written that this month. Goodness me, could this be progress?!


Signing off with a smile and sending you luck for doing something out of your comfort zone today, love Becs xxxx


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