To Launch or Not to Launch - That is the Question!

February 25, 2018

Do I launch my blog, this site, to the www and the world?



I'm thinking that today is the day. My life is moving forward, and my journey is gaining pace. I feel much more inspired and excited to get things started - sharing my blog and making it 'live'. As Mr P reminds me, it is already 'live', it's only that no one knows about it. Is today the day that I put my life out there for others to see?


Take a Chance on Me (by ABBA) springs to mind. Mostly the 'Take a Chance' bit. My heart is racing a little - from nerves? Excitement? From the unknown? From possibly doing exactly what I want to do. Living My Life My Way, and that means sharing me, my story, my journey, and I can't really do that if I don't hit 'launch' can I?! 😉


I guess from the nerves side, it's the worry of what if I get negative feedback. What if people don't like what they read? Am I strong enough to receive that? The flip side of course is, what if I get great feedback; if I connect with people; if I encourage others to share their stories and to somehow normalise all these things we go through on this journey called life. #Whatif. It seems that so many decisions can stem from those two words. The more insecure side, the more worried side, will fall on the negative, and wouldn't do it. The more excited side, would of course go for it.


I had a brilliant sleep. I've had a productive morning. I've had my scrummy breakfast. I've had my magic beans. It would seem I've got energy on my side and contributing to my decision. Maybe taking care of myself and feeding my body well, sleeping well, thinking well, is leading me to a more confident place, where I am ready and willing to take these chances. 


Today, I make the choice to go for it! What will be will be, but what I want and create can also be. I chose to create my future.


Today, I take a giant step forward, and I hope to find some fabulous souls to walk, skip, or even run, along with me. 


Why don't you take a chance today? Love Becs xxxx

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