Anything is Possible

March 14, 2018

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. He is not someone I ever met, and to be honest, he is not someone I paid a lot of attention to when he was alive, but when I heard on the radio this morning that he had passed away, I stopped what I was doing. Really? Did I hear correctly?

Stephen Hawking lived his life beyond the imagination and comprehension of doctors. He was "supposed" to have died 55 years before now. In 1963 he was given two years to live. How is it that he was able to not only survive, but thrive? He had a brilliant mind. I know nothing about science, or his theories, but I know that for sure.


Our mind can hold us back from so much. We need to decide what we want, how we want our life to be, work out how we're going to get there, trust that the stepping stones will appear when we need them to, and go for it.


This is a man who could have given up. At any point. But he didn't. Despite everything 'wrong' with him, he had so much to live for, and he inspired so many people all around the world for so many different reasons. Even if you're not 'into' science, today is a significant day and his passing will be talked about by all of us who didn't pay particular interest in his life whilst he was alive. Why?


Because he carried on, achieved many great things, made the absolute BEST he could out of his life. If he could do it, what is it that stops the rest of us?

I attended an event on Monday night for JuicePlus+. These events are always inspiring and remind me why I got involved in the first place. The speakers on Monday were two young guys from Germany who are very successful in the company - one already at the top level at age 27! Everyone in the industry has an interesting story to tell, but for one of them, when he opened his mouth, I knew his story would be different, and would likely have even more impact - I wasn't wrong!


Artjom Chechik has quite a severe stutter. Add to that he was speaking in front of an audience - not an easy thing for a lot of people. In English, which isn't even his first language! He didn't finish school so had no formal qualification around education. He was not given a lot of support to stay in school, had found himself a job, and was fairly content that this was his lot. Yet, once the opportunity was shown to him, he saw the benefits in our products and the opportunity and thought, 'I can do that' - and he did/is! His first month he made less than €100. He spoke to 80 different people. He got one order. Did he give up? Did he heck (as my Granddad would say)! 3.5 years later he is at the top of the company, travels the world, shares his story, builds his business, speaks in front of rooms full of people. He didn't apologise for his stutter. He didn't need to. We didn't laugh at him. We didn't get up and leave. Because we knew that he had an important story to share - possibly more important than some of the others we have heard - because his stutter could have held him back in a business that is built around communicating. He could have lived his life making the €1,000/month he was earning previously, and settled with that.


Artjom decided he could do more. And he was right. Just like Stephen Hawking.


While I was sitting there on Monday evening it dawned on me (not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, me) that I got my Inspire tattoo when I was released from hospital in 2015. I got it as a reminder to inspire myself, but also to inspire others. It dawned on me that my business is about inspiring healthy living around the world. It's as if I knew that the tattoo would be an important part of my life, but at the time I didn't know how. Now I do.


The only thing that is holding us back in life is ourselves - our limiting beliefs, whether conscious or not. If you really want your life to be different, trust in yourself, share your dreams with others. If we don't talk about them, breathe life into them, how can they come true? Talking won't get you where you want to be, there will be hard work and likely some sacrifices, but if you want your life to be different than it is today, or than you see it in the next 5, 10, 15, 20+ years, you need to do things differently.


These two people have inspired me this week, and I have decided I am the third. I am working towards my dream. I don't have it all planned out yet, but I know I'm taking steps on the right path.


I wish you the best day you can have, and if you're looking for inspiration, think of the man who lived more than 27 times longer than he was predicted to. What a wonderful thing, the power of our mind!


Love Becs xxxx

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