While Mr P's Away

May 9, 2018

Technology is actually kind of cool. Mr P is currently on his way to Barcelona for work and I can see exactly where in the air his flight is. It's pretty awesome, and also quite enlightening to see how many planes are in such a small area at the same time. I can see that there could be some time wasted on this site now I've seen it!


Mr P will be away for six nights, and it's weird to think that I only have myself and the animals to think about. I can chat away to the animals (no problem there!) and have music on and am sure I'll find stuff to watch on tv, but it'll be strange knowing that I don't need to prepare dinner for him, or wonder when I'll go pick him up, and also my morning routine will be thrown slightly out.


I'm sure we all enjoy some time on our own, and it's actually good to be comfortable in our own company and skin - we can do what we fancy, not answerable to anyone else, can eat what we want, watch what we want, etc. Yes, we miss whoever is not around, and perhaps feel a little vulnerable staying on our own if we're not used to it - thankfully in Dubai I feel completely safe and even though our living space is pretty large, I don't mind staying here on my own. But for some of us too much time alone can be difficult and lead to isolation.


Where I do feel a little vulnerable is around the change in my routine and the lack of accountability to someone else. I've already written so much about the importance of my routine, and how I need Mr P's help at times to make sure I take my medication when I should, so I know I'm not yet where I need to be in terms of having a routine that I stick to.


Not having to cook dinner for him will be interesting. I actually enjoy cooking and finding new meals to make, especially given our change to a healthier lifestyle. Since we've lived together Mr P has always done 80%+ of the cooking, but once I got involved in JP+ and especially since I've stopped working, I have taken over the majority of the cooking and am rather liking tweaking random recipes I find - something I never would have had the courage to do previously. I've said for years 'I can't cook', but the reality is I just didn't have the confidence to follow a recipe. I think this is where technology also helps, as rather than flipping pages in a recipe book I can put some ingredients into google and come up with something within seconds. I can even read comments from people who have tried or tweaked the recipe.


ANYway, I digress (don't think I've said that for a while).


I know that while he is away I need to:

- make much more effort to take my medication on time

- not get caught up in tv shows, and 'wasted' time

- get out the house every day

- go to be at a sensible time

- eat regularly and healthily

- interact with others daily


For a lot of people these things are 'normal' and don't require special attention, but I know if I am to be successful while he is away, I need to. Having a plan, writing it down, helps.


Wishing you the best day possible, love Becs xxxx

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