To The Man

May 23, 2018

There has been a wonderful uplifting post about women supporting women doing the rounds and it has been shared and commented on far and wide, which is lovely to see. I have seen a number of comments about how similar things could be said about men, and, because I agree, and it is my mission to get the world talking and sharing, I have put some thoughts together.



To the man who scraped his knee as a child and was told to toughen up and stop crying


To the man who cries in private when his heart gets broken for the first time


To the man whose partner cheats on him and makes him scared of trusting people


To the man who goes to work everyday before his children wake up, and comes home after they are already in bed


To the man who misses critical bonding time with his new born baby because paternity leave isn't recognised at his company


To the man whose contact with his children is reduced to weekends, and holidays


To the man who doesn't know he has a child until someone turns up years later


To the man who fears every day that he will keep his job so he can support his family


To the man who supports his girlfriend, wife, partner when she is more irritable and snaps at him a little more for a week or so every month


To the man whose partner has a miscarriage and there is sympathy for her, and not a lot for him even though his hopes and dreams for that life have also been destroyed


To the man whose partner has a pregnancy terminated without his knowledge and he only becomes aware after the fact


To the man who suddenly becomes Mum AND Dad and a whole new world is opened up to him


To the man whose partner has an illness and there is support for her but little for him


To the man who doesn't want to tell anyone that he's ill because he is worried how his family will cope


To the man who lacks confidence but "can't" let it show, because men don't show weakness


To the man whose clothes are uncomfortable because he isn't interested in exercise or healthy eating, or doesn't have the energy or inclination for either, and he laughs with others when he is ribbed about it


To the man who avoids looking in the mirror because he doesn't like what he sees


To the man who doesn't know how to talk about his feelings so keeps everything bottled up inside


To the man who punches holes in walls or self-medicates to disperse some of his anger and frustrations


To the man who was abused as a child either physically or mentally and has kept it inside because he feels shame, guilt, embarrassment, weakness


To the man who won't go to the doctor to discuss his feelings because he is scared of what he doesn't understand


To the man who doesn't want to tell anyone that he is seeing a counsellor


To the man that wants the world to swallow him up, to disappear, dreads waking up, or thinks about ending it all


I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I support you. I commend you. I appreciate you. I thank you.


You are not invisible. It is okay to talk. To open up. To cry. To share. You are not alone. You are not weak. You are not less. There is support for you.


I hope that even if only one man sees this it makes a difference to his day. My wish is that many more will.


Love Becs xxxx

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