A Random Story

July 3, 2018


I was pretty sick and tired of things the other day, feeling very very down, feeling very alone, and wondering what on earth I could do. On a wim, I put a random post in one of the Facebook groups I'm in. It went a little like this:


"I'm kinda over my own story, so how about you help me write a new one..... Four words maximum each, follow on from the comment above. I'll start with the inevitable Once upon a time......"


Once upon a time

There was a beautiful

Lady who was

Always a little tipsy

'little out of tune

And went to the

Mens room by mistake

And was embarrassed.

Hurriedly covering her eyes

And stumbling back out

She decided to get another drink from the bar to help with her embarrassment she just experienced when

In walked the lost love of her life

With a map and

A compass in hand.

Sail away with me?

He grinned devilishly

And bared his feet.

On the very tip of his left pinky toe

Was an inquisitive snail.

This was something I

Always wanted, so I

Picked the snail off his pinky toe and stuck him in my pocket for safekeeping. I then asked, "where would you like to sail away to?"

(***four words) (someone wrote this, trying to remind people about the four words suggestion :-) )

So the snail responded

"Meka leka hi Meka hiney ho" (up to this point, my favourite comment)

(meaning, use four words!) (so did another kind soul)

So what I did

Was run far away

To eat pig claws

And find my momma

Who loved to bake

Tree sap and bark.

Momma is a werewolf.

She's covered with hair.

I can't stand her

Leaving hairballs all around

For me to sweep.

She's the absolute worst,

Never cleans up victims

And the fleas are

A sight to behold.

But she loves me.

Even though I suck.

And always fuck up.

But I'm still trying

And doing my best

And that's always enough

Even if its not

The map i have

Is in the stars

Waiting for my journey

Where life is beautiful.

But, then it happened!

Falling around me like

Rocks from a cliff.

Do I dare to

Wear a tutu? (loved this comment)

Not for you who

Loveth me too!


I started this random story before I went to bed, and awoke to all that is written above. I awoke, feeling pretty rubbish. But on reading this, I smiled. I actually smiled. A proper one. I loved the fact that there were people I don't know, who wanted to partake in something fun. 


I don't know the last time I had fun. I realised I enjoyed it. It was short lived, but I know I'd like to try it again sometime.


I also realised that there is a little escapism, but also, we are acutely aware of what we perceive to be our failures, we put ourselves down, we want to keep trying to find the happy ever after. No matter who we are.


Wishing you your best story, love Becs xxxx

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